Monday, April 24, 2006

We Love Lists

And there are lot of them out there.

Sunday Times (UK): Rich List 2006 (Britain)

Rich List 2006 (Women)

J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is #10; the queen is only #15.

Rich List 2006 (Young People)

29 men on the list play football (soccer), far more than any other category, e.g. music (16).

Rich List 2006 (Ireland)

No. 7 on the list is my former landlord, Thomas Flatley, who owns scads and scads of property around here, and put up a hideous statue (pictured above) memorializing the Irish Famine. I'm not sure how he qualifies for the Irish list, given that he's lived in Massachusetts his entire adult life

Harper's Index for March 2006
Number of U.S. counties where more than a fifth of “residents” are prison inmates: 21 []

Number of these that are in Texas: 10


Minimum number of times that Frederick Douglass was beaten in what is now Donald Rumsfeld’s vacation home: 25

AOL: Blender's The 50 Worst Things to Ever to Happen to Music

A sample:


Here's an idea: Let's have the theme song for the world's biggest and most diverse democracy be: 1) boring; 2) violently militaristic; and 3) next to impossible to sing. Not enough? OK, now let's bring in ROSEANNE BARR to perform. She's too busy? Get me WILLIAM HUNG!

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