Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Falling Upward

The Washington Post has hired a 24-year-old, home-schooled, white male Republican blogger to write a blog for its site called "RedAmerica". Straight out of the Bush Crony School, as Ben Domenech had a summer job as a White House speechwriter in 2002. (At the age of 20, I'm sure he had a lot to offer President English Mangler. I bet he contributed "heh, heh", at the very least.)

Here's what he called people like me on his very first day on the WaPo: "the shrieking denizens" of the Democrats’ "increasingly extreme base [] the unhinged elements of their base, motivated by partisan rage."

Oh, yeah, I'm feeling the balance there.

He had a high opinion of the Washington Post while he was in the White House:


Live and Almost Legal at the EEOB
Today is my last day working in the speechwriting office. It's been a great summer, and I've done a good amount of work. It's been an interesting experience to work in this office, to see the reality of what goes on here as opposed to the Post's version. Believe me, truth is far more interesting than fiction.

Blogtopia has a little something to say about this.


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The News Blog: Post to hire home schooled wingnut for blog

If you ever wonder about the power of the GOP training machine, this little freak, who should be humping a guard post in Iraq, gets a blog on the WaPo. In a city mostly minority, you think a young black person or Latino or a woman would get the opportunity to expound on politics. Yeah, right.

But when you suggest such a thing, the blogzombies of the right scream about racial spoils and the like. But not when their little undead can get what they want.

What the hell has this little freak done to merit being hired by the WaPo to expound on politics?

Be a white male Republican with friends.


This is what the WaPo's newest columnist said about the funeral of Coretta Scott King

Remember this from racist Red State

By: Augustine

The President visits the funeral of a Communist. And phones in a message to the March for Life. I think we can get a little pissed about this.
This story shall the good man teach his son

Yep, I'm sure the Washington Post's large black audience will wonder why it's newest columnist is a racist who thinks the Kings were communists for wanting blacks to have equal rights.

Late Nite FDL: Aw Shucks, Brady, You Shouldn’t Have

Just as the time of reckoning approaches and the Washington Post will, like it or no, have to take responsibility for all the flagrant, credulous warmongering it did in a fit of BushCo. access rapture, you guys hire the most thick-witted, mouth breathing home schooled freak you could lay your hands on. The respectable journalists who have managed to survive the Patrick Ruffini sycophancy of John WATB Harris, the jejune truthiness of Deborah Howell and the simple fact that one of the biggest stories of last year was how the paper’s own superstar fucked you over and then wouldn’t talk to you about it are no doubt cringing in the bathroom stalls.

Talking Points Memo

So, to 'balance' Froomkin, who may be a commentator with liberal tendencies, the Post goes out and gets a high octane Republican political activist who hits the ground running with a tirade of Red State America revanchism and even journalism itself.

That's balance. That's the Post's balance.

Managing perceptions is the death of good journalism, especially manufactured perceptions, and even more those manufactured for the easily cowed.

I'm embarrassed for the Post. Embarrassed by the Post.

Their explanation doesn't cut it. If they want to make a blogger Crossfire with a firebreather on the left and on the right, they should do it. It might even be interesting. But here they've just been played by bullies and played for fools.

Jump! How high?

I can think of more than a few actual journalists at the Post who must feel a bit embarrassed too.

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