Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blogtopia Round-Up

Digby asks: I Wonder Why Bush Didn't Attack Zarqawi When He Had The Chance?, in which he discusses NBC's story that Bush ignored several chances to take out or capture Zarqawi.

Firedoglake digs up some early work by Atrios, when he was an intrepid footsoldier for the late, lamented Media Whores Online: Late Night FDL: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Blogger

Will Bunch of Attytood finds that one of the wingnuts running for Duke Cunningham's House seat in California has posted a photo of his visit to "calm and stable" Baghdad on his website. Problem is, the picture is not only not Baghdad, it's from some other country. Play along as blogtopia plays "name the place in this photo": Can you spot the mistakes in this photo?

Here's shock. ThinkProgress says Scalia isn't going to recuse himself from the Hamdan case. Told you the odds were a gazillion to one against.

Body and Soul tells the Democratic Party to find the good in themselves and become the party of Roosevelt again: Roosevelt Democrats

Steve Gilliard posts a list of immigration facts for the fact-free corporate media, by American author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez: Stupid Americans

Note to readers: Posting will be light for the next week as Coach Mom arrives and we go to the women's basketball Final Four this weekend (Duke and Monique Currie, LSU and Simone Augustus, Maryland and Kristi Toliver, and my pick to win it all, North Carolina and Ivory Latta!)

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