Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's a Shoo-in, Not a Shoe-In

I was reading a blog about Alito and the author said he was considered a shoe-in last week. And that's the second time I noticed that weird, incorrect spelling in a week. So I did a google blog search for 'Alito shoe-in' and got this result: 47 blogs using that spelling.

So I googled the term shoe-in and got this result: 988,000 uses of the term shoe-in.

Here's the difference between the two terms:

A race horse so fast that you can merely shoo it across the finish line rather than having to urge it on with stronger measures is a “shoo-in”: an easy winner. It is particularly unfortunate when this expression is misspelled “shoe-in” because to “shoehorn” something in is to squeeze it in with great difficulty.

I wonder if this mistake is being made so often that it will become the alternate, correct spelling by default?

I hope to write this fall that the Democratic re-taking of Congress is a shoo-in. And that Republicans' attempt to convince voters that they are not corrupt is a shoe-in.

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