Saturday, March 03, 2007

Walter Reed Has a Privatization Problem

Now we're getting to the real story behind the scandal at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The Cheney Administration privatized support services there by giving a $120 million contract to IAP Worldwide Services, a company headed by a former Halliburton official, Al Neffgen. Neffgen was in charge of KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary, when they were charged with overcharging the government for fuel in Iraq.

IAP World Services replaced 300 federal employees at Walter Reed (Pdf link) with -- get this -- 50 workers. So Dick Cheney's pal makes millions and our wounded soldiers lie in their own urine. Also on the board of IAP Worldwide is Dan Quayle. Former Treasury Secretary John Snow is chair of the New York hedge fund that owns IAP Worldwide. The President of IAP Worldwide is named Dave Swindle. I kid you not. IAP also charged the US $200 million for ice after Hurricane Katrina. Cheney's pals make millions and our soldiers lie in their own urine. The story of the Bush Administration in one demonstrative anecdote.

dailykos: What's behind the conditions at Walter Reed? Privatization.

ABC, The Blotter: Waxman to Force Walter Reed Ex-Chief to Talk About Problems, Contract Walter Reed Got "Swindled" Walter Reed and Privatization - A Chronology of Shame

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